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Established in 1963, FOSIS (Federation of Student Islamic Societies) is a broad and diverse body that aims to serve and represent Muslim students in further and higher education across the UK and Ireland, approximating 90,000 in number and growing!

Geographically, FOSIS has a national executive committee which runs national projects as well as 7 regional committees (Scotland, Ireland, North, Wales and West, Midlands, London and South) that organise regional projects.

No words can accurately describe the vast history of FOSIS achievements; however FOSIS is the backbone of Islamic societies across the country; annually distributing tens of thousands of freshers packs, organising dozens of annual national and international speakers tours, providing outstanding training and continuous support, advice and resources to ISocs on a daily basis and organising a variety of socials, dinners, camps and sports tournaments.

Yet FOSIS has also relentlessly campaigned for prayer rooms, freedom of expression, civil liberties and political engagement of Muslim students across multiple platforms.

Further, FOSIS has encouraged and helped to facilitate ISoc and student activism for justice campaigns such as the plight of the Uighers and Palestine and FOSIS has united with ULU ISocs amazing efforts for 3 years to nationally facilitate Charity Week for Orphans outside of London of which £350,000 has been raised this year. FOSIS also has been committed in the defence of Muslim students under attack in so many cases with a strong media presence since 7/7.

FOSIS formed MSA’s (Muslim Student Associations) in the USA and helped to also form FEMYSO (Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations), thus the national and international recognition FOSIS receives is testament to the impact FOSIS has had and continues to have.

Last year, FOSIS was awarded the Young Muslims Beacon Award by the MCB.

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